Holly Clarke

The Infinite Mind Coach

Mind/body modalities for self-love and deep healing.

Women's Health, Wellness, Mindset, Soul Purpose and the Mother's Journey.


We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves.


What is NLP and Hypnosis?

NLP is understanding your unique perspective of the world which is creating your current experience. 

How could it be different or improved? 

Learn to manage your mind.

A thought is just a thought that can create a feeling. If you don’t like the way you feel change your thinking. 

Reclaim yourself 

Redefine yourself 

What do you want? 

A belief is just a thought that you think a lot. Become aware of your thought patterns, are they limiting you in some way? Awareness is everything.

Hypnosis is a gentle, natural state of mind that can be a powerful therapeutic way of communicating with the unconscious mind. A focused state of awareness-like a day dream or meditation that encourages relaxed inner calm. 

A pleasant experience that you can look forward to the next time - as your mind becomes very receptive to the expanding benefits. 




Birth Preparation

Access your inner control to have the birth experience you desire.

Bowen Therapy

Gently promotes the body's innate healing via correcting connective tissue and fascia.


NLP studies the way we take in information from the world, can illuminate your thinking patterns and rewire pathways for clarity and purpose.


Hypnosis is a state of inner focus and absorption combined with positive suggestions. Teaching us how our emotional states can be changed and resolved.


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Rise Wellness Studio - Studio 4 (upstairs) 72 Blamey Place, Mornington VIC 3931

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